The new website is mobile-first and designed with you, the customer, in mind
Plymouth Rock Assurance
Plymouth Rock's new website
Have you noticed anything different recently about our website, We hope so! We've been hard at work giving the whole site a facelift by improving its navigation, functionality and design.

The new website is mobile-first and designed with you, the customer, in mind. Now you can quickly and easily:
    Manage your policy
    Report a claim
    Make a payment
    Find contact information
    And more
But the new website is more than just a transactional tool. It’s a resource where you can learn about a variety of topics, from weather preparedness and safety tips, to recommendations on how to manage road rage.

We encourage you to explore We’re pretty pleased with how the website turned out, and hope you are, too!

Have comments about the website? Let us know at
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Avoid the pitfalls of potholes
Chances are, if you've driven on a New England road, you've come across a pothole or two. These pesky holes can be a real beast and do a serious number on your car if struck, so be vigilant this spring while you're out and about:
    Steer clear. If you can do so safely and have enough time and space, maneuver around a pothole. The best way to minimize damage is by avoiding the pothole altogether.
    Drive slowly. If you're on a road infested with potholes, drive slower than usual and leave plenty of distance between you and the car ahead of you.
    Brake slowly. Unfortunately, some pothole collisions are inevitable. If you're about to hit one, slowly reduce your speed rather than braking harshly upon impact.
    Inspect after impact. If you've struck a pothole, make sure your car is A-OK afterwards. Potholes can affect everything from your car's alignment to its steering, so watch out for signs of damage following a collision.
And don't forget that if you spot a pothole, report it to local officials.
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Improvements in Plymouth Rock's claims‑reporting and online payments
Working with your insurance company should be simple. That's why we've improved some of our basic tools so that you can spend less time worrying about your auto insurance and more time doing what you love. Now you can report your claim anywhere, anytime by visiting and selecting Report a Claim. This convenient tool:
    Is available 24/7
    Provides you with a claim number as soon as your claim is submitted
    Helps you arrange for your damage inspection
You can now make your insurance payments quickly, conveniently and securely from any device by visiting It's safe, simple and fast. Just the way making payments should be.

Questions? Drop us a line at or speak to your Plymouth Rock agent.
Think green for spring
Did you know that in Connecticut, it's illegal to idle your vehicle for longer than 3 minutes? Apart from the issue of legality, an idling engine also has financial, environmental and health implications that you might not be aware of:
    It's a waste of money. One hour of idling burns about 1/5 of a gallon of gas. It actually costs more to let your engine run than it does to turn it off and back on.
    It's harming the environment. One gallon of gas burned releases 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide into the air - a major greenhouse gas offender.
    It's compromising your health. Pollutants emitted from an idling engine are linked to some serious diseases, like cancer and chronic bronchitis. Yuck.
    It doesn't solve much. You aren't doing yourself a favor by "letting your car warm up" for a few minutes on a cold morning. This is actually ineffective.
This spring, have a green conscience and think twice before letting your engine run when it doesn't need to. Head to the Plymouth Rock blog to learn more about states' anti-idling laws and to calculate how much money you could save by idling less.
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